2019 Friends of East Lansing Jazz

2018 Friends of East Lansing Jazz

Jazz fans that support the 2018 SSJF

Swing Cat ($300-$499)

Mary Donoghue-Wrigley

Hip Cat ($150-$299)

Alice Dreger and Aron Sous
James Forger
Ken Jones
Heat N'Sweep
Allyn and Carol Faith
Karen and Jerry Jennings
Rich Schwartz and Julie Winkler
David and Thomas Block-Easterday
Carol and Robert Cukier
Diane and John Goddeeris
Amy Shapiro
Jerry and Barbara Zielinski

Cool Cat ($25-$149)

David Brower
Susan Coley and Don LeDuc
Jim and Judy Cunningham
Steve Esquith and Christine Worland
Neil Gordon and Anna Pegler-Gordon
Elinor M. Holbrook
Dr. John and Anne Hudzick
Barbara O'Kelly
George Orban and Rae Ramsdell
Dr John and Elizabeth Schweitzer
Victoria Sawyer
Martin I Benjamin
Meredith and Susan Sawyer
Nickolay Dimintrov and Margaret Malovrh
Richard Lowe
Ken and Sandy Beal
John and Martha Brick
Jane and Rick Church